Battle Crows Mercenaries for Hire - 3BRF - Anchorage, Alaska

Battle Crows are a Mercenary guild associated with the 3 Barons Renaissance Fair in Anchorage Alaska. We provide the citizens of Hillshire protection and militia training.
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 Arresting of the Red Baron

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PostSubject: Arresting of the Red Baron   Sat Apr 30, 2016 8:26 pm

Theme: Law and Order Command
Motive: Quotas!
Performed after the fight show (Saturday).
(subject to change)

Red Baron Court:
Red Baron / Red Baroness
Lord Marshall / High Marshal, or Proxy
Spear militia (up to 10 citizens trained) led by pike master will stay at fight show after following the procession and follow at a distance the Red court as they leave to pincer, and cut off any retreat.

Scene Start:
Battle Crows led by Lord Marshall, block entrance to Red court to serve a warrant for the Red Baron.

Optional: If the Lord Marshall does not wish to serve the warrant he should get a proxy to go in his place of suitable rank, and authority.
(A small skit should take place Ad-Lib or prepped so new worlders get a show)
Approximate time 15 minutes-30 minutes.

Warrant Reads:

Arresting Officer - Here Ye, Hear Ye! The Charge reads that no husband shall kiss another woman other than his wife within the shire, upon any day, while they both may live.

Red Baron - Nay Surely! No there is thus no proof of said accusation, I must surely protest!

Arresting Officer - Surely we have several witnesses of renown reputation for truth in the telling of said offense. Guards take said fugitive to the Gael.

Battle Crows flank the Red Baron taking hold of him with citizen spear militia in support.

Red Baron - From wence the power to take hold of me in thus manor!

Arresting Officer - By the Law of the shire and of the magistrate of Hillshire in whom thou art come.
(spear militia commanded by Pike master Order, Advance, Shoulder, Port; commands)

Red Baroness - Perhaps I shall have (TBD) to kiss me while thou art gone.

Red Baron - But how hath any fairness this turn of circumstances? Am I not fore sure to jail for the same offense?

Arresting Officer - He is not thus married MyLord.
(spear militia commanded by Pike master Port, Advance, Shoulder, Charge, Salute; commands)


Battle Crows retreat and let Red court procession through, and take Red Baron to Gael.

Battle Crows take possession of Red Baron and escort to Gael.
(spear militia commanded by Pike master Fall in, Shoulder; commands)
Surround Red Baron who approaches with Battle Crows.

Act Two: Trial by combat: Battle Crows encampment.

Red Baron
Either: Lord Marshal or High Marshal

Red Baron - Thou must wait before putting such as I in such filth and isolation for the women I thus love. I thus demand trail by combat.

Lord Marshal or High Marshal - I accept said challenge, for thus surely her Majesty would demand only the best to uphold her laws, and those of Hillshire.

TBD - Armor placement and quick duel (half harness to full harness) actors work out their choreography.

Themes based on time. Lord Marshal or High Marshal can be used as proxy of fight if Red Baron is unable.

Red Baron wins defending his honor, but suffers a slight injury to his hand.
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Arresting of the Red Baron
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