Battle Crows Mercenaries for Hire - 3BRF - Anchorage, Alaska

Battle Crows are a Mercenary guild associated with the 3 Barons Renaissance Fair in Anchorage Alaska. We provide the citizens of Hillshire protection and militia training.
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 New Worlders of 21+ of age

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Sir Agh
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PostSubject: New Worlders of 21+ of age   Sun Apr 17, 2016 1:42 pm

These are the most fun, and should be encouraged to go see the Croaked Toad show or partake in a drink or two. See we are unable to arrest any pirates until we know their name and put it on the Warrant. So New Worlders can be rewarded for finding out their name. Also good serving wenches are hard to come by, and perhaps they can be persuaded to join our crew if we know their name. Shows should never be interrupted of course, but New Worlders would enjoy the show. Types of drinks can also be asked, because taxes need to be paid on certain kinds.
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New Worlders of 21+ of age
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