Battle Crows Mercenaries for Hire - 3BRF - Anchorage, Alaska

Battle Crows are a Mercenary guild associated with the 3 Barons Renaissance Fair in Anchorage Alaska. We provide the citizens of Hillshire protection and militia training.
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 Young New Worlders Ages 6+

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PostSubject: Young New Worlders Ages 6+   Sun Apr 17, 2016 1:38 pm

1. Guards are always an issue. Find out a guards name of a court and bring it back to me. Perhaps if we know the guards name we can persuade them to join our cause. We must somehow undermine the power and authority of the Barons while they are here. We must keep them in check if this gathering is going to be successful. The Lord Captain is always leery that the courts will unite, and if so we may not be able to protect the citizens of Hillshire. Perhaps ask the guard if they are happy with their employer and benefactor.
2. HRG has some of the best craftsmen and skilled trade workers. We could get a name or two perhaps to talk them into joining us. Find out their craft or trade, and whether they are happy. We can always use trades for all our needs in camp. From blacksmith to cook. Bread is cheaper to make and feed the troops with, while the Lord Captain enjoys his festivals.
3. The Crimson Dove is somewhat secretive to us, and we have little knowledge of what goes on there. Go find out what goes on there, and report your findings.
4. Incorporate other areas of the fair to enhance the questing experience. Such as go see a show I hear it is most awful, or grand.
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Young New Worlders Ages 6+
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