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Battle Crows are a Mercenary guild associated with the 3 Barons Renaissance Fair in Anchorage Alaska. We provide the citizens of Hillshire protection and militia training.
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 Sir Agh of Ayrshire

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Sir Agh
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PostSubject: Sir Agh of Ayrshire   Wed Mar 30, 2016 9:11 pm

Sir Agh of Ayrshire
Born: 1565 CE of a wealthy family that has held a seat since before the Norman Conquest in 1066. As the son of the parish rector in the township of Templeton, within the county of Ayrshire, young Agh, which meant Luck, found life utterly non-fulfilling. He did not wish to serve the church and always dreamed of adventure. He ran away from Ayrshire and headed to Ireland in hopes of finding adventure. The stories of the Knights Templar always in the back of his mind, taught to him since he was a wee lad.
Fables of lost treasure buried in Ireland motivated Agh to travel. It is there that he got mixed up in an uprising in Munster. It is there that he met Sir Walter Raleigh, who took an instant liking to the lad and made him a cabin boy. It did not take much time to see that the young man had loads of hidden talent. Sir Raleigh made him the boats navigator within a month at sea. It was on one of these voyages that Agh met natives from the new world for the first time.
The new colony of Roanoke was promising, and Agh would have stayed if not for his love of the sea. Agh spent about seven years at sea, before returning to Scotland. His father had died; the parish was now in ruin, and overgrown with vines. The sizable inheritance left him though made things a bit tough. He was obligated to take over his fathers work, but that life did not interest him at the least. Instead he left Ayrshire and almost lost his life in the battle of the Spanish Armada in 1588. If not for his love for the sea; Agh would have drowned, but instead drove a fire ship into the Spanish armada, jumping free at the last minute.
It was this act of bravery that earned him the respect of Queen Elizabeth I, who knighted the young man for his bravery and gallantry. At this time the Queen assigned Agh, to Ayrshire, to protect pilgrims to the Temple of the Holy Rose. Agh formed an honor guard, stationed at the old Parish, and served several more years as the Rector, as was his father before him.
Just after the turn of the century Agh found life again boring and non-productive. It is at this time that Agh again traveled, but this time to the lands of the Norse. There he fell in love with a young red hair, fair-eyed beauty. It was this lass that finally reigned in the young adventurer. Agh and his young bride traveled back to Scotland, and began a new life once again. It was due to famine ravaging the land that caused the young family to travel. They decided to travel to the Holy Land, thinking a pilgrimage would show Agh the path, but never made it. Sir Agh took the life of a mercenary, as war seemed the only profitable way to survive.
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Sir Agh of Ayrshire
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